3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count and Get Pregnant

Drops of increase sperm countIn life, many women, as well as men, will want to start a relationship, get married, and ultimately have children. Though we all want that process to be easy, it can sometimes be difficult to get pregnant. While there are numerous reasons as to why you may not be able to get your wife or girlfriend pregnant, or even make her squirt of pleasure, one of the most common reasons is due to a low sperm count. To increase your chances of conception, you will want to learn how to increase sperm count.

Over time, you may have heard that eating certain foods will enhance your libido. A prime example would be oysters. Another food that is known to help with the male body is celery, which is known to help in the body’s production of semen. However, it’s not possible or appealing to eat oysters and celery each day. This is why it’s important that you know how to increase sperm count, aside from just eating certain foods. The following are ways to increase your sperm count:

1. Increase Your Vitamin C

A lack of Vitamin C in the diet causes sperm to stick together! If your sperms are sticking together, they can’t properly swim and get to where they need to, the egg! Make sure you have plenty of Vitamin C in your diet.

2. Try out the many natural or home remedies to improve your sperm count

Steer clear of nasty habits like smoking, drinking and living a practically sedentary lifestyle. Include a lot of foods in your diet which contains zinc, folic acid, lycopene, and vitamins. Always keep yourself hydrated. The last two items are particularly important in helping increase your semen volume, which will, in turn, boost your sperm quality and sperm count as well.

Another natural remedy that you can try to improve your fertility is is to keep heat away from your genital area. The temperature in your testicles is 2 degrees lower than the normal body temperature to help you produce healthy semen. Wearing tight clothes can make your testicles cling close to the body and increase their temperature. This can have a negative impact on the semen volume and quality. Avoid tight jeans or underwear. Instead, wear boxers.

3. Natural Supplements

There are some natural or herbal supplements that contain essential nutrients to help improve your semen production and fertility. Staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, reducing the stress in your life, alcohol and keeping away from cigarettes and caffeine. Caffeine impairs sperm production, causes sperm to have poor motility and abnormalities. Stop drinking coffee and traditional tea immediately. Switch to herbal alternatives such as roosts, chamomile, and peppermint tea. Cigarettes contain hazardous ingredients such as nicotine and tar that affects your sperm count negatively. Not only this, but it also restricts blood flow to the penis and can lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence. These are the natural ways by which you can improve your sperm count and increase your male virility. Combine these with natural volume enhancing tablets, and you have a solid base to improve your fertility naturally.