Food to make your cum sweeterIt’s a little salty. It’s sweet slightly. It’s bitter. It’s somehow delicious. It’s kind of disgusting. These aren’t food reactions, this is in fact how some ladies describe the taste of a cum. How does the cum taste really and are there stills you can do to make it tastes better?

Hope you know that is what you eat that would depend on how your cum would taste?

After oral sex, sexual satisfaction depends on how your cum tastes a lot. no lady wants to be pathetic after an oral sex.

According to research, the cum basic taste is a little bit salty and its warm. Some ladies do say its tasteless and some do say its kind of sweet. Some cum of some men is very salty while in some cases they are bitter.

Let’s know that the cum is made up of different nutrients which includes sodium, fructose, vitamins, protein and some other minerals and also nutrients. These nutrients are the ones that do determine how your cum would taste.

Listed below are 3 foods that you can take to make your semen tastes better and good.

Water: We all know how very important water is. The seminal fluid is majorly composed with water mostly you should have that in mind. So if there isn’t enough of water in your body, firstly your ejaculation would be very very low in amount and secondly, your cum would also not taste fine. For this do make sure you drink a lot of water per day in maximum such as 8 to 10 glasses each every day. This wouldn’t just remove the toxins you have in your body and make your cum sweeter, it would also make the volume of your semen increase which would allow sex to be more pleasurable.

Poultry: Poultry such as duck, turkey or chicken is known as a good food to make the cum sweeter. Research has made it known that if you do have fish and red meat can allow the cum taste buttery, and it can be disgusting for your sex partner. If you are having steak-this can make the cum very strong but it would be salty. You making choice for the meat that is right is very crucial if you want to have a very good time when having sex. Along with this, you should also know what you shouldn’t have if you want your semen to taste better. You should avoid consuming a lot of caffeine- this is very bad for the cum and it would make your cum taste bitter. You should also try to avoid alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarettes-they have an effect on the overall health negatively and they can also make the cum tastes bitter.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is one of the most tried, tested and best food that would make the sperm taste great and it also helps to get rid of bad and unwanted tastes. It’s a great alkaline food that is being used to add flavor to our meals as a spice. It gives the semen a flavor that is sweet. During blowjobs, it leaves a taste that is sweet and it can serve as a mouth freshener. Peppermint and also peppers are known to also have these similar effects.