3 Ways to Suck Your Girl and Make Her Come

When it comes to giving your girl an orgasm consistently, you have to know the right techniques. The most erogenous zone of your woman is her clit. Unfortunately, it’s not inside her pussy. The methods we’re going to discuss are very effective. The most important thing for your woman during sex is the feeling you’re giving her, which include a strong connection, passion and intensity. If your woman doesn’t cum, don’t feel bad. Your woman may not know her own body parts. Here are 3 ways suck your girl and make her cum.

Remember these tips are really powerful, and they may make her addicted to you! Tip number 3 is awesome! The strategies had helped over 2,030,000 readers! Do you want her body to tremble from intense waves of ultimate pleasure as she ejaculates fluids all over you and your bed sheets? I bet that answer is DEFINITE YES! We will explain everything you need to know! Continue reading because you’ll learn how to make your woman cum easily today or click here for more info!

#1 – Warm Her Up with Great Foreplay

The first part of this guide is crucial. You need to set the mood correctly if you want her to climax really hard. Ease her mind from any possible distractions, and let her focus just on the pleasure she will get. In addition, prepare your place before she arrives. Tidy up your place up to arrange everything in proper place. Make your place smell nice. Turn just the soft light on to make your woman feel relaxed and comfortable. Prepare a great playlist of sexy songs that will set the tone of romance in your place. Trim your fingernails. Sounds funny, right? Trimming your fingers is vital to make the technique described in point 3 effective.

Once you’ve made everything in order, shift your focus on warming her up through proper foreplay techniques. Massage your woman sensually. Make her feel great. Whisper in her ear, or go for a direct dirty talk to get her in the mood. Focus your attention on all of her erogenous zones, not just the main ones. Keep in mind that all these preparations will increase your chances of making her cum.

#2 – The Key to Success Is Relaxed Position

If you want your woman to achieve vaginal orgasm, make her relaxed and dispel any mental blocks and self-image issues she may have. Paying extra attention to the foreplay is crucial to make her feel special and put her in a better mood for sex. Put her body in correct position after warming her up. Make her lie on her back. Next, spread her legs. Finally, place a pillow just under her bottom to enable you better access to her g-spot and clitoris at the same time.

#3 – Combine Vaginal and Clitoral Stimulation

Once her g-spot is ready, follow this vaginal and clitoral stimulation technique. Rest your lubricated palm on her clit while cupping it completely. The best way to achieve this technique is to kneel beside her. Once your palm is in the right position, start stroking her g-spot with your fingers from inside. Then start to pull your whole hand up and down slowly to stimulate her clitoris. Start to speed up this movement gradually while you increase the pressure of your fingers. Maximum speed will allow you keep a steady rhythmical movement. If you do everything as directed, your woman should not be able to hold it anymore, and she will make you and your bed sheets thoroughly wet.