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Semenax, The Perfect Semen And Sperm Booster

To be honest, you might have seen too many porn videos probably too many to remember or count. There is nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed about it. As they say, you have to first see it to do it perfectly. If you agree, then there must be one porn video that sticks to our brains as long as we live—those epic orgasm scenes with unbelievable shots of semen.
Though your intentions are not to become a porn star, there is a way you can make your lady happy by having strong and massive semen during orgasm. It is no exaggeration that women love it when guys give fountain of semen.

Chemistry Behind Semenax And Do You Need It?

If you have been longing to improve your bedroom game and avoid haunting leaking faucets comparisons, it might be time you decide teaming up with Semenax. There is no word to describe the results—a waterfall or fountain of semen, which your lady will definitely love because she too will think you have not been having sex to accumulate that much. To understand how this amazing product works, we’ll need to understand the mechanism behind erection and orgasm.

The following muscles play a key role during ejaculation:
-The pubococcygeus-muscle.
-The anal sphincter.
-Ejaculatory duct and finally
-The muscles around the penis.

There is no mystery when it comes to ejaculation. Your shaft will remain rigid and orgasm last as long as the ejaculatory duct has something to do with offer. Once you are done, your orgasm will come to a halt. Since the two are connected, you will need to improve on your ejaculation so as to help sustain the orgasm as much as possible. To do this, you will have to increase semen volume too. This is where Semenax plays a vital role because every time you take the pills, you not only increase the testosterone levels but also the semen volume which helps you last longer.

Semenax does not aim to improve on semen fluid only, here are other means to groups of fluid that benefit from Semenax pills.

-Fluids available in the prostate glands.
-The seminal plasma.
-Bulbourethral-gland fluid.
-Seminal-vesical fluids.

The increase in sperm count will not only help you last longer in bed but will also improve your sperm motility. This means your chances of having a baby are increased as you will ejaculate more strong sperms capable of fertilizing an egg.
Only when the muscle groups are uniformly strengthened and stimulated the right way will you be able to enjoy even more.

Semenax Ingredients

What sets Semenax apart from other sex products is its ability to give its user a maximum combination of natural and totally harmless ingredients. The ingredients are so effective that there are no side effects after using Semenax even for years. Here is a list of all Semenax ingredients.
-Zinc Oxide: Used because it is known to improve fertility rates among men.
-L-Arginine, L-Lysine: These two ingredients are rich in amino acids which are necessary for semen production.
-Pumpkin Seeds: Yes, you heard it right. Known to improve the general health of prostate glands.
-Muira Puama and Maca: Necessary for strong and longer erections.
-Hawthorne: Since proper blood circulation and a strong heart form a vital factor during erection, this ingredient is important as well. 
-Pine bark extracts: The nitric acid present in these extract is important for quality and duration of erection too. 

Is Semenax Used To Treat Erectile Dysfunction And Premature-Ejaculation? 

To be honest, these two conditions are caused by loads of other different factors. When using a sex product, one normally have hopes but there is no need to have false hopes that Semenax will help you with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. Intense research is still underway. For some men, Semenax has completely helped them fight erectile dysfunction. When created, Semenax was purposely aimed to help average Joes with low testosterone levels and low semen volumes. However, one thing is for sure. If you have adequate volume of semen and your secretion muscles are strong enough, you will easily navigate around premature ejaculation issues as you will have additional time, where every second matter.

Side Effects. 
As stated earlier, Semenax is a product made from natural ingredients which have been mixed so as to reach those who don’t have direct access to these herbs. It is actually recommended by doctors all over the world. 

Where To Buy. 
You can easily get your dosage by placing your order on the official Semenax website. Don’t fall for fake products or fake promotional coupons. The website is SemenaxDirect.Com and delivery is a guarantee regardless of your location. 

Each container has 60 pills which are supposed to be taken in a months time, one in the morning and the other in the evening. Take the pills minutes before sex and you’ll definitely note the deference. Though prominent results are seen just after a week, it is advisable you take the pills at least for two months for more consistent sex performances. 

Semenax is a great product that helps bring about happiness and effectiveness. The aim is not to make money but help struggling men out there to up their game and help restore honor in their sexual life. In essence, once you’ve got something to offer, you will definitely satisfy your lady which will consequently improve your self-esteem. One is given a total of 67 days for free trial which definitely shows the seriousness of the product


Food to make your cum sweeterIt’s a little salty. It’s sweet slightly. It’s bitter. It’s somehow delicious. It’s kind of disgusting. These aren’t food reactions, this is in fact how some ladies describe the taste of a cum. How does the cum taste really and are there stills you can do to make it tastes better?

Hope you know that is what you eat that would depend on how your cum would taste?

After oral sex, sexual satisfaction depends on how your cum tastes a lot. no lady wants to be pathetic after an oral sex.

According to research, the cum basic taste is a little bit salty and its warm. Some ladies do say its tasteless and some do say its kind of sweet. Some cum of some men is very salty while in some cases they are bitter.

Let’s know that the cum is made up of different nutrients which includes sodium, fructose, vitamins, protein and some other minerals and also nutrients. These nutrients are the ones that do determine how your cum would taste.

Listed below are 3 foods that you can take to make your semen tastes better and good.

Water: We all know how very important water is. The seminal fluid is majorly composed with water mostly you should have that in mind. So if there isn’t enough of water in your body, firstly your ejaculation would be very very low in amount and secondly, your cum would also not taste fine. For this do make sure you drink a lot of water per day in maximum such as 8 to 10 glasses each every day. This wouldn’t just remove the toxins you have in your body and make your cum sweeter, it would also make the volume of your semen increase which would allow sex to be more pleasurable.

Poultry: Poultry such as duck, turkey or chicken is known as a good food to make the cum sweeter. Research has made it known that if you do have fish and red meat can allow the cum taste buttery, and it can be disgusting for your sex partner. If you are having steak-this can make the cum very strong but it would be salty. You making choice for the meat that is right is very crucial if you want to have a very good time when having sex. Along with this, you should also know what you shouldn’t have if you want your semen to taste better. You should avoid consuming a lot of caffeine- this is very bad for the cum and it would make your cum taste bitter. You should also try to avoid alcohol, illegal drugs and cigarettes-they have an effect on the overall health negatively and they can also make the cum tastes bitter.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon is one of the most tried, tested and best food that would make the sperm taste great and it also helps to get rid of bad and unwanted tastes. It’s a great alkaline food that is being used to add flavor to our meals as a spice. It gives the semen a flavor that is sweet. During blowjobs, it leaves a taste that is sweet and it can serve as a mouth freshener. Peppermint and also peppers are known to also have these similar effects.

Uncover The 3 Oral Sex Techniques Women Crave

Girl wants to have oral sexWhen it comes to giving great oral sex most men will either sink or swim! Don’t get me wrong, many men have their women singing in the bedroom but the correct knowledge tends to be lacking. Quite oftentimes the man who boasts in the pub of his sexual prowess is the man whose confidence shrinks in the bedroom.
Tip One – Taking It Slow With A Circular Motion
Most women consider oral sex as being the most intimate act, even more so than actual intercourse. This means that doing it badly can result in your lady being uncomfortable and the romantic, sexy mood disappearing. Trust me when I say this is something that you do not want!
The clitoris at this point is the end destination and you should be starting the journey elsewhere. As an example, hover around the navel with your tongue kissing and nibbling. This gives your woman a sense of what’s coming, pardon the pun!
Once you do reach the clitoris slowly trace circles around it with your tongue. A slow, steady, rhythmic pace is the best to adopt using a touch as light as a feather. Remember that the clitoris has over 6000 nerve endings making gentleness the key.
Tip Two – Moving On To The Side To Side
Some women will not be completely satisfied with the technique described in tip number one. This is because all women’s sensitivity differs and this may result in some needing more direct stimulation.
This second trick in oral sex may be the perfect one in helping your lady to orgasm. That doesn’t mean it’s your immediate go to and you can skip number one, after all, variety is the spice of life and slowly, slowly (as stated before) is still the key.
So now instead of round and round you are going to go from side to side with light strokes. Keep a steady rhythm as this will allow her to stay in tempo with you mentally. Using your tongue like a lizard will only result in her pleasure decreasing!
As an added bonus to increase the pleasure and keep your woman wanting more you can always occasionally pause to nibble and kiss her skin, just like an Adonis Alpha would do.

Tip Three – Up And Down In One Long Motion
Last, but certainly not least, is a technique that makes pussy eating incredibly easy with its perfect design of hitting every nerve end. It is, however, best left until an orgasm is approaching as it should push her right over the edge.
Starting at the top of the clitoris, lick downwards until you the reach the bottom of the labia. Then move straight back up following the exact line you came down.
Unlike tips one and two the assumption here is that your partner is already highly aroused and ready to climax. This makes it time to increase the pressure keeping in mind how sensitive your partner is. You will still need to keep a steady rhythm.
Need a sure-fire way of telling that you have done an incredible job and your partner is exceptionally satisfied? Keep an eye out for the legs quivering, it’s a positive sign of maximum pleasure.
A happy ending
Now you are an expert in the art of oral sex and sucking pussy, try to use your skills wisely. Oral sex can be used as really good foreplay, a two-way street and even just making it all about her! It is a fact, and needs to be remembered your new found skills will never go to waste!

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count and Get Pregnant

Drops of increase sperm countIn life, many women, as well as men, will want to start a relationship, get married, and ultimately have children. Though we all want that process to be easy, it can sometimes be difficult to get pregnant. While there are numerous reasons as to why you may not be able to get your wife or girlfriend pregnant, or even make her squirt of pleasure, one of the most common reasons is due to a low sperm count. To increase your chances of conception, you will want to learn how to increase sperm count.

Over time, you may have heard that eating certain foods will enhance your libido. A prime example would be oysters. Another food that is known to help with the male body is celery, which is known to help in the body’s production of semen. However, it’s not possible or appealing to eat oysters and celery each day. This is why it’s important that you know how to increase sperm count, aside from just eating certain foods. The following are ways to increase your sperm count:

1. Increase Your Vitamin C

A lack of Vitamin C in the diet causes sperm to stick together! If your sperms are sticking together, they can’t properly swim and get to where they need to, the egg! Make sure you have plenty of Vitamin C in your diet.

2. Try out the many natural or home remedies to improve your sperm count

Steer clear of nasty habits like smoking, drinking and living a practically sedentary lifestyle. Include a lot of foods in your diet which contains zinc, folic acid, lycopene, and vitamins. Always keep yourself hydrated. The last two items are particularly important in helping increase your semen volume, which will, in turn, boost your sperm quality and sperm count as well.

Another natural remedy that you can try to improve your fertility is is to keep heat away from your genital area. The temperature in your testicles is 2 degrees lower than the normal body temperature to help you produce healthy semen. Wearing tight clothes can make your testicles cling close to the body and increase their temperature. This can have a negative impact on the semen volume and quality. Avoid tight jeans or underwear. Instead, wear boxers.

3. Natural Supplements

There are some natural or herbal supplements that contain essential nutrients to help improve your semen production and fertility. Staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, reducing the stress in your life, alcohol and keeping away from cigarettes and caffeine. Caffeine impairs sperm production, causes sperm to have poor motility and abnormalities. Stop drinking coffee and traditional tea immediately. Switch to herbal alternatives such as roosts, chamomile, and peppermint tea. Cigarettes contain hazardous ingredients such as nicotine and tar that affects your sperm count negatively. Not only this, but it also restricts blood flow to the penis and can lead to erectile dysfunction or impotence. These are the natural ways by which you can improve your sperm count and increase your male virility. Combine these with natural volume enhancing tablets, and you have a solid base to improve your fertility naturally.

2 Powerful Techniques to Make Her Cum

girl-squirt-1140722_640Bringing a woman to the ultimate sexual pleasure has been considered for the longest time, the most important of achievements in a man’s life. Any man worth his salt will seek to make his woman cum and any woman out there will be looking for the ultimate sexual experience the moment she takes off her clothes and lays herself bare for you as a man. So, how do you make a woman squirt and cum?

Making a woman cum requires a lot of patience. This is for the simple reason that women have been structured a little different that men. A number of men have claimed to bring this techniques down to an art and it is for this reason that this article has been written. For you to know how to bring a woman to the heights of pleasure.

Here are two powerful techniques of making a woman cum.

1. Use of Your Fingers.

This method is loosely known as the stroking method. Unlike the penis, fingers are more flexible and can curl and uncurl inside a woman’s vagina with ease. This also puts you in a position where you can observe your woman as you bring her world to a stand still.

What you will need are your two fingers. Preferably the index finger and your middle finger. Making sure that the woman’s vagina is well lubricated, you will have to slide them into her vagina. A little foreplay to get her wet will be needed. You can also decide to use some lubricant to enhance the ease and experience.

Once inside, push them up so that they are actually pushing against the front. You will likely feel the G-spot. The G-spot is a sensitive part and you are looking to touch on all the sensitive parts.

Once you have located the G-spot, you need to start giving firm strokes in a ‘come here’ motion using your fore finger exactly the same way she would call you if she wanted some naughty time. The middle finger can be added as time and pleasure progresses.

You will also need your thumb. Place the thumb on the clitoris, and start rubbing in circular motions. This allows you to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. With this method, you may increase the speed of your strokes considerably according to the response you get from your woman.

2. The Advanced Doggy Style.

This method is as simple as it sounds. In this method you will use your penis to bring her to an ultimate orgasm. Make her lie flat facing down. You will then have to place a pillow below her tummy therefore raising her butt up.

You will then need to lie flat on her back and in the process, raise your body to the highest position. This way, you will not be even with her body.

Penetrate her slowly using your penis until you are stroking right on her pleasure spots. The tempo of your thrusts will be increased according to the response you get. It will not be long until she starts cumming and squirting all over your bed.

Making a woman cum is not after all so hard. You just need the right techniques and you will transform into a sex god in her eyes within a very short time.

Advantages of a Big Penis Over an Average One

big-penis-1238713_640What is the big deal regarding guys and penis size? Why are so many men so infatuated with getting a big penis? They try pills, pumps, and various exercises to increase penis size. So what are the advantages of having a big penis over an average size penis?

Here we will discuss what advantages a big penis has. Many guys are simply not satisfied with their size, even if they are considered average.

1. Looks. Everyone is impressed with looks. Guys want to not only impress girls, but they also want to impress other men in a male macho type of way. That’s why muscle head gyms are packed with trainee’s grunting and groaning, trying to out do each other and develop the most impressively sized muscles they can. Do they hide these muscles? Men even shave their legs to show off superior calf muscle formation. Most women find it a turn off to see their boyfriend is shaving his legs. So they are not doing it for the ladies, they are doing it for their own ego’s and impressing their fellow gym rats.

Big penis size is the same thing. Walking around the locker room with larger than average size is another sense of pride for many men. And this is nothing new. Tribal men used exercises on young men so they could increase penis size, and be more impressive throughout the tribe.

So larger than average size is a long time ingrained quality that makes men feel superior.

2. Women like big size. We talked about impressing the guys, now let’s talk about impressing the women. Females like big size, but probably not in the way you may think. You may have heard that many women don’t consider penis size as an issue and that it is more about performance in the bedroom that counts. But what they are talking about is penis length. This (length) may be more of a male to male ego impressing thing, but penis girth or thickness is more of a female turn on in that it does improve performance in the bedroom. A long, thin penis will not do much to increase sensitivity during sex, but a thicker member can significantly increase sexual sensitivity for the female by pleasuring more of the vaginal walls including the infamous g-spot.

3. Confidence. Larger size brings the greater sense of confidence. This spirit is evident with the ability to pick up women. There is a sense of sureness about the guy and his size. He knows he will be able to satisfy women more quickly, and he will probably believe his size will be visually impressive as well (most guys don’t know about the length vs. width factor, so guys will still think increased range will look impressive toward the woman). But an important thing to note is that once you develop confidence in the challenging world of picking up women, you develop confidence in all other areas of life. Including the workplace, sports performance and general outings where you are around different people.

Are you out of luck if you were not born with a big penis? No, as mentioned there are various ways out there to increase size, and there is an enormous extra boost in confidence if you take forth the effort to go from average to big.

3 Ways to Suck Your Girl and Make Her Come

When it comes to giving your girl an orgasm consistently, you have to know the right techniques. The most erogenous zone of your woman is her clit. Unfortunately, it’s not inside her pussy. The methods we’re going to discuss are very effective. The most important thing for your woman during sex is the feeling you’re giving her, which include a strong connection, passion and intensity. If your woman doesn’t cum, don’t feel bad. Your woman may not know her own body parts. Here are 3 ways suck your girl and make her cum.

Remember these tips are really powerful, and they may make her addicted to you! Tip number 3 is awesome! The strategies had helped over 2,030,000 readers! Do you want her body to tremble from intense waves of ultimate pleasure as she ejaculates fluids all over you and your bed sheets? I bet that answer is DEFINITE YES! We will explain everything you need to know! Continue reading because you’ll learn how to make your woman cum easily today or click here for more info!

#1 – Warm Her Up with Great Foreplay

The first part of this guide is crucial. You need to set the mood correctly if you want her to climax really hard. Ease her mind from any possible distractions, and let her focus just on the pleasure she will get. In addition, prepare your place before she arrives. Tidy up your place up to arrange everything in proper place. Make your place smell nice. Turn just the soft light on to make your woman feel relaxed and comfortable. Prepare a great playlist of sexy songs that will set the tone of romance in your place. Trim your fingernails. Sounds funny, right? Trimming your fingers is vital to make the technique described in point 3 effective.

Once you’ve made everything in order, shift your focus on warming her up through proper foreplay techniques. Massage your woman sensually. Make her feel great. Whisper in her ear, or go for a direct dirty talk to get her in the mood. Focus your attention on all of her erogenous zones, not just the main ones. Keep in mind that all these preparations will increase your chances of making her cum.

#2 – The Key to Success Is Relaxed Position

If you want your woman to achieve vaginal orgasm, make her relaxed and dispel any mental blocks and self-image issues she may have. Paying extra attention to the foreplay is crucial to make her feel special and put her in a better mood for sex. Put her body in correct position after warming her up. Make her lie on her back. Next, spread her legs. Finally, place a pillow just under her bottom to enable you better access to her g-spot and clitoris at the same time.

#3 – Combine Vaginal and Clitoral Stimulation

Once her g-spot is ready, follow this vaginal and clitoral stimulation technique. Rest your lubricated palm on her clit while cupping it completely. The best way to achieve this technique is to kneel beside her. Once your palm is in the right position, start stroking her g-spot with your fingers from inside. Then start to pull your whole hand up and down slowly to stimulate her clitoris. Start to speed up this movement gradually while you increase the pressure of your fingers. Maximum speed will allow you keep a steady rhythmical movement. If you do everything as directed, your woman should not be able to hold it anymore, and she will make you and your bed sheets thoroughly wet.

Tips on How to Ejaculate Like a Real Father

Are you looking for an easy method to ejaculate a huge load on your girl’s face? Well, if that is the case, then you have come to the right page. Every man would agree with me that having a high volume of ejaculation makes you more confident and better when it comes to sexual intercourse. We have thousands of men out there who wish that they could perform like some of the most sought after porn stars in the United States of America by releasing a great volume of ejaculation when they reach the climax. Apart from making you feel good, huge loads of ejaculation impresses your partners. One of the things that make most men to have mediocre performance is because they race towards their orgasms. If you want to give her mind-blowing orgasm, simply do the following.

Instead of trying to have an orgasm as fast as possible, next time try to delay it so that you experience much pleasure. To do this, squeeze PC muscles strongly before you ejaculate. PC muscles are the same muscles used by men to stop them from urinating. By contracting these muscles, you will delay your ejaculation, as you would do when pressed to urinate. Holding your ejaculation will not only make it enjoyable but explosive. In case you ejaculate before you have had adequate pleasure, there is no doubt that you will not satisfy her especially if she has been waiting for that moment for so long. You can use different techniques to boost your stamina so that you take longer to ejaculate.

How to Increase Your Load During Ejaculation

There are things you can do to increase the amount of semen you release during sex. Before going to bed with your spouse, apply these techniques to increase your load.

Exercise regularly – The overall function of a man’s body during sexual intercourse depends on health and fitness. When a man is unfit, some of the body parts do not function as expected. If you want to ejaculate like an American porn star, you should start by exercising more regularly. Start with the simple exercise such as walking, playing games and jogging.

Stop smoking – Cigarettes have chemicals that affect the flow of blood within your body. Most men who smoke suffer from sexual complications including impotence. Therefore, to improve your sexual performance, it is high time you considered the idea of reducing your craving for nicotine

Avoid too much alcohol – The simple message we are passing across is that you should drink moderately if at you do not want your spouse to start complaining about poor performance. Most heavy drinkers have problems to do with semen production.

Eat more eggs – Eggs contain protein as well as lecithin that assists in the production of semen in your body. In addition, lecithin helps in eliminating cases of early ejaculation thus allowing by you to release a huge load on her face during sexual intercourse.

Drink lots of water – Dehydration affects your load during ejaculation. Rather than drinking much alcohol, take several glasses of water daily.