2 Powerful Techniques to Make Her Cum

girl-squirt-1140722_640Bringing a woman to the ultimate sexual pleasure has been considered for the longest time, the most important of achievements in a man’s life. Any man worth his salt will seek to make his woman cum and any woman out there will be looking for the ultimate sexual experience the moment she takes off her clothes and lays herself bare for you as a man. So, how do you make a woman squirt and cum?

Making a woman cum requires a lot of patience. This is for the simple reason that women have been structured a little different that men. A number of men have claimed to bring this techniques down to an art and it is for this reason that this article has been written. For you to know how to bring a woman to the heights of pleasure.

Here are two powerful techniques of making a woman cum.

1. Use of Your Fingers.

This method is loosely known as the stroking method. Unlike the penis, fingers are more flexible and can curl and uncurl inside a woman’s vagina with ease. This also puts you in a position where you can observe your woman as you bring her world to a stand still.

What you will need are your two fingers. Preferably the index finger and your middle finger. Making sure that the woman’s vagina is well lubricated, you will have to slide them into her vagina. A little foreplay to get her wet will be needed. You can also decide to use some lubricant to enhance the ease and experience.

Once inside, push them up so that they are actually pushing against the front. You will likely feel the G-spot. The G-spot is a sensitive part and you are looking to touch on all the sensitive parts.

Once you have located the G-spot, you need to start giving firm strokes in a ‘come here’ motion using your fore finger exactly the same way she would call you if she wanted some naughty time. The middle finger can be added as time and pleasure progresses.

You will also need your thumb. Place the thumb on the clitoris, and start rubbing in circular motions. This allows you to stimulate both the G-spot and the clitoris at the same time. With this method, you may increase the speed of your strokes considerably according to the response you get from your woman.

2. The Advanced Doggy Style.

This method is as simple as it sounds. In this method you will use your penis to bring her to an ultimate orgasm. Make her lie flat facing down. You will then have to place a pillow below her tummy therefore raising her butt up.

You will then need to lie flat on her back and in the process, raise your body to the highest position. This way, you will not be even with her body.

Penetrate her slowly using your penis until you are stroking right on her pleasure spots. The tempo of your thrusts will be increased according to the response you get. It will not be long until she starts cumming and squirting all over your bed.

Making a woman cum is not after all so hard. You just need the right techniques and you will transform into a sex god in her eyes within a very short time.