Tips on How to Ejaculate Like a Real Father

Are you looking for an easy method to ejaculate a huge load on your girl’s face? Well, if that is the case, then you have come to the right page. Every man would agree with me that having a high volume of ejaculation makes you more confident and better when it comes to sexual intercourse. We have thousands of men out there who wish that they could perform like some of the most sought after porn stars in the United States of America by releasing a great volume of ejaculation when they reach the climax. Apart from making you feel good, huge loads of ejaculation impresses your partners. One of the things that make most men to have mediocre performance is because they race towards their orgasms. If you want to give her mind-blowing orgasm, simply do the following.

Instead of trying to have an orgasm as fast as possible, next time try to delay it so that you experience much pleasure. To do this, squeeze PC muscles strongly before you ejaculate. PC muscles are the same muscles used by men to stop them from urinating. By contracting these muscles, you will delay your ejaculation, as you would do when pressed to urinate. Holding your ejaculation will not only make it enjoyable but explosive. In case you ejaculate before you have had adequate pleasure, there is no doubt that you will not satisfy her especially if she has been waiting for that moment for so long. You can use different techniques to boost your stamina so that you take longer to ejaculate.

How to Increase Your Load During Ejaculation

There are things you can do to increase the amount of semen you release during sex. Before going to bed with your spouse, apply these techniques to increase your load.

Exercise regularly – The overall function of a man’s body during sexual intercourse depends on health and fitness. When a man is unfit, some of the body parts do not function as expected. If you want to ejaculate like an American porn star, you should start by exercising more regularly. Start with the simple exercise such as walking, playing games and jogging.

Stop smoking – Cigarettes have chemicals that affect the flow of blood within your body. Most men who smoke suffer from sexual complications including impotence. Therefore, to improve your sexual performance, it is high time you considered the idea of reducing your craving for nicotine

Avoid too much alcohol – The simple message we are passing across is that you should drink moderately if at you do not want your spouse to start complaining about poor performance. Most heavy drinkers have problems to do with semen production.

Eat more eggs – Eggs contain protein as well as lecithin that assists in the production of semen in your body. In addition, lecithin helps in eliminating cases of early ejaculation thus allowing by you to release a huge load on her face during sexual intercourse.

Drink lots of water – Dehydration affects your load during ejaculation. Rather than drinking much alcohol, take several glasses of water daily.