Uncover The 3 Oral Sex Techniques Women Crave

Girl wants to have oral sexWhen it comes to giving great oral sex most men will either sink or swim! Don’t get me wrong, many men have their women singing in the bedroom but the correct knowledge tends to be lacking. Quite oftentimes the man who boasts in the pub of his sexual prowess is the man whose confidence shrinks in the bedroom.
Tip One – Taking It Slow With A Circular Motion
Most women consider oral sex as being the most intimate act, even more so than actual intercourse. This means that doing it badly can result in your lady being uncomfortable and the romantic, sexy mood disappearing. Trust me when I say this is something that you do not want!
The clitoris at this point is the end destination and you should be starting the journey elsewhere. As an example, hover around the navel with your tongue kissing and nibbling. This gives your woman a sense of what’s coming, pardon the pun!
Once you do reach the clitoris slowly trace circles around it with your tongue. A slow, steady, rhythmic pace is the best to adopt using a touch as light as a feather. Remember that the clitoris has over 6000 nerve endings making gentleness the key.
Tip Two – Moving On To The Side To Side
Some women will not be completely satisfied with the technique described in tip number one. This is because all women’s sensitivity differs and this may result in some needing more direct stimulation.
This second trick in oral sex may be the perfect one in helping your lady to orgasm. That doesn’t mean it’s your immediate go to and you can skip number one, after all, variety is the spice of life and slowly, slowly (as stated before) is still the key.
So now instead of round and round you are going to go from side to side with light strokes. Keep a steady rhythm as this will allow her to stay in tempo with you mentally. Using your tongue like a lizard will only result in her pleasure decreasing!
As an added bonus to increase the pleasure and keep your woman wanting more you can always occasionally pause to nibble and kiss her skin, just like an Adonis Alpha would do.

Tip Three – Up And Down In One Long Motion
Last, but certainly not least, is a technique that makes pussy eating incredibly easy with its perfect design of hitting every nerve end. It is, however, best left until an orgasm is approaching as it should push her right over the edge.
Starting at the top of the clitoris, lick downwards until you the reach the bottom of the labia. Then move straight back up following the exact line you came down.
Unlike tips one and two the assumption here is that your partner is already highly aroused and ready to climax. This makes it time to increase the pressure keeping in mind how sensitive your partner is. You will still need to keep a steady rhythm.
Need a sure-fire way of telling that you have done an incredible job and your partner is exceptionally satisfied? Keep an eye out for the legs quivering, it’s a positive sign of maximum pleasure.
A happy ending
Now you are an expert in the art of oral sex and sucking pussy, try to use your skills wisely. Oral sex can be used as really good foreplay, a two-way street and even just making it all about her! It is a fact, and needs to be remembered your new found skills will never go to waste!